Cambridge Medical Writing Services

Peter Bates, PhD
Has worked as a freelance medical writer since 1994 and has carried out projects for a variety of pharmaceutical companies. Previous experience included extensive university research and several years in a management capacity, in product development in biotechnology companies... Read More
Carol Brownson, PhD
Has approximately five years experience of medical writing for various companies in the UK and abroad. Previous experience included lecturing, staff management and academic research, ultimately at professorial level, at UK universities... Read More
Eileen Dixon, PhD
Has extensive experience in communications, having worked for approximately 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry. This involved preparation of a wide variety of written materials for publications, as well as slide kits and e-learning programmes. Experience includes project management and work in advertising and marketing departments... Read More
Cathy Holding, BSc
Has worked as a medical writer for approximately 18 months having been involved in science journalism for about 5 years and has written many articles published in The Scientist and New Scientist. Previous experience includes extensive research in genes involved in cancer development... Read More