Cambridge Medical Writing Services

I have been working as a freelance medical writer since March 2004, having been involved in scientific journalism for several years before, whilst also pursuing academic research. I have written more than 150 news articles published in The Scientist ( and New Scientist ( As a medical writer, I have written manuscripts for peer-reviewed publication, clinical study reports and summaries for the pharmaceutical industry on a wide range of topics including endocrinology, infertility, psoriasis and diabetes. I have also written for the FIRSTConsult website ( on a wide range of topics including obstetrics and gynaecology, oncology, thrombophilia and paediatrics. 
Prior to medical writing, I spent twenty years working in academic research. I was involved in carrying out primary research on a variety of topics including pre-implantation embryo diagnosis and early development and its links with cancer. During that time I wrote research manuscripts, reviews, abstracts, slide presentations and successful grant applications. I have a wide-ranging list of research publications. I can also carry out French-to-English scientific translation. I am a member of the Association of British Science Writers and the European Medical Writers Association.