Cambridge Medical Writing Services

I have worked as a freelance editor to scientific journals since 1997 and joined CMWS as a freelance medical writer since in 1998, writing clinical research reports. Additional work has included biomedical conference proceedings, manuscripts for journal publication, safety update reports, and literature surveys using databases. The biomedical areas covered by this work included oncology, gastroenterology, diabetes, endocrinology, neurology, nutrition, infection and cardiology.
Previously I was a university lecturer in biochemistry and molecular biology for more than 20 years. I taught a wide range of courses including many in medical and allied fields at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. My research projects over those years were concerned initially with mechanisms of red blood cell enzyme action and subsequently with factors affecting muscle growth, development and adult muscle plasticity and ultimate degeneration. This work has been extensively published in peer-reviewed journals. I have considerable managerial experience, initially as a leader on various degree courses and external committees both as a member and chair. I am a member of the Biochemical Society and the European Medical Writers Association.