Cambridge Medical Writing Services

The nature of the company ensures that our overheads are minimal. Consequently our rates reflect this and are highly competitive.

Our client base is worldwide and the exchange of information and documents is largely carried out using electronic formats. This enables ease of handling and rapid turnaround to ensure that clients' deadlines are met.

We are always happy to meet with our clients' at a location suited to them in order to discuss the best means for proceeding with a project. This can be particularly productive for complex projects with multiple staff input. Once a project commences, we generally communicate by telephone while working from the clients electronic or hard-copy documents. However, when necessary we are willing to work at the client's site. It is our policy to work within specified timelines, agreed in advance with each client.

Our writing encompasses a broad range of activities as outlined in Areas of Work. We have considerable expertise in writing manuscripts for medical and scientific journals and the subsequent submission and review processes. We frequently ghost-write such manuscripts and conference proceedings; acknowledgement of our assistance is not necessary but is appreciated. We are experienced in interpreting statistical analyses and incorporating them into clinical study reports and manuscripts.